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This morning as my brain was waking up and I was unloading the dishwasher and putting things away, when I opened the draw where my cutting boards and breadboards live I had a little nostalgic feeling...... do you get them sometimes and for no reason? Well, I do and as I looked at my breadboards I was thinking that these everyday items will spend their whole lives with me.....I have no reason to replace them and already I have owned and used them for 30+ years...

Bread boards

The darker recatangular board my brother made when he was still at school and so of course I love it and everytime that I use it I think of him. The round board was a gift and I love that its round and has a gentle groove to catch the crumbs, the knife is older but I cant remember where it came from its possibly an old family one but I really can be sure, it does has a lovely ear of wheat carved on the handle which makes it quite special.

Do you have some simple everyday item that will spend its whole life with you? If you feel like telling me about it and its story please do :)

Enjoy Lynette