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Practical and pretty scissors.....

A few of you have asked me what type of scissors do I use...well, I love little embroidery scissors of any sort and these treasures are no exception. If you take a second look they have a kangaroo where you would expect to see a stork and are one of my favourite pairs. They are not as small as some of the scissors I use which makes them a bit more hand friendly and of course I love the fact that they are a bit diferent to everyone elses 'stork' scissors!

Roo scissors

If you need a pair of scissors like mine then you can get some Scissoroo scissors here, of course they would also make an excellent gift for a friend 😃

What I really want to tell you about is the scissors I use to cut out my applique shapes. Its really important to have a great sharp pair of scissors, if you are using a blunt pair then .....well....what can I say! The scissors I use not only have the brightest fun handles that are kind to my hands but are also very accurate + since I am the laziest most impatient person in the world I love that they will cut through four layers accurately at one time!!

Are you ready for a quick demo (thanks to Vince for the photogrpahy!)

Place 4 layers of fabric together and draw around the shape, in this case I am cutting some hexagons ready for my next project but it could be leaves or flowers ready for applique.


Simply and without effort cut the through the four layers, these scissors dont distort the fabrics at all while they cut through the layers.


The secret to these scissors is a very fine serated edge, (look closely and you can see them in this picture) the serated edge draws the fabrics into the scissors rather than regular scissors which push the fabric away. Thus the Perfect Scissors make a perfect cut everytime.


The Perfect Scissors come in two sizes and I have to admit I own both sizes, if I am working on small shapes then I love the smaller pair plus I like the fact that they also have easy to hold handles. They dont match my fabric but because they are bright I dont loose them very often either!


If you are using an old pair of scissors that you know have seen better days or that your other half or the kids have 'borrowed' to cut up who knows what in the shed or garden then maybe you need to treat yourself to a new pair! You will be amazed at how nice they are and will wonder how on earth you managed with what you had for so long!

Enjoy Lynette