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Stitching and threads...

Its hot here today, I am thankful for the sea breeze as I am busy stitching and watching 'Downton Abbey', I had heard the series was good and its perfect to listen too while I stitch. Did you watch it? I am only on episode two (first series) so dont spill any beans about the story.


These stitched roses have turned out very nicely and I have used a rather interesting striped yarndye as my background...its interesting but not too dominant. I guess I should order a mile of it as I know once you all see it you will want some :) Fatcat has been helping me with the stitching, checking for threads and generally keeping the sewing under control!


I find making hexagons from my new fabrics a great way to get myself aquainted with the fabrics and to see how they are working together. Dont recognise these fabrics??? Thats because they are still top secret but I can show them to you coz your special. Wildflower Wood will be launched along with a new book in May next year.....the fabrics as you can see are very pretty and I am loving working with them, the hexagons pictured here in case your wondering are just 1/4", not as difficult to work with as I thought!


As you know I am enjoying working with Cosmo embrodiery threads, these threads are made in Japan and are very lovely to use. There are 400+ solid colours to choose from in the regular 6 strand skeins!!! I have chosen 10 of my favourite most used colours and put them into a pack for you. If you want to build your collection of Cosmo threads we have also put together a collection which we have called our Gelato pack and for the bright ladies a rainbow pack


Or if you want the cute spools like the ones in the picture above on which the threads are already only two strands, Emma has added the colours we have to the store.

Well, I had better get back to my stitching, the day is flying past and tonight we are going out for drinks and nibbles with friends

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