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War Quilts and Waggas

Last week mum and I went to a lecture and showing of quilts by Annette Gero. It was a very interesting talk focussed on war quilts and Wagga's . There were lots of lovely old quilts on display, having not taken a camera I had to use my phone so the quality of the pictures is not as good as it could have been. 

This log cabin Wagga is dated approx. 1930-40's and is made from old silk petticoats, used dress fabrics and riibond backed with a blanket.


This gorgeous old flour bag quilt is from the Franco-British exhibition of 1908, its called a flour bag quilt as the maker used cotton flour bags for the backing. 


I love signature quilts and over the years have had the pleasure of making a couple to celebrate a special event in our family.

This redwork quilt was a red cross army fundraiser where you traditionally paid to have your name embroidered onto the quilt.

IMG_0119 IMG_0118

I liked how this crazy patch quilt used the badges from someones uniform in the centres of some of the blocks.


The Historical book by Annette Gero 'The Fabric Of Society' is fasinating, the pictures and stories about the quilts and the makers are extraordinary and make it well worth the price.


Mum and I had a great morning out and I can highly recommend attending one of Annette Gero's lectures/quilt shows if you get the opportunity.

Now for a bit of show and tell.....only a sneek peek really as I need to get this beauty photographed professionally. Vince and I celebrate our wedding anniversary every year in Houston and this year was a special year and dear Vince bought me an amazing antique quilt. I fell in love with the quilt as it has so much embroidery on it......there are flowers, thistles and lots of strawberries all done on linen (the quilt weighs a ton!).


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