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Whats cooking tonight?

A few years ago when Vince and I were in Sydney we had dinner at The Bathers Pavillion. It was rather a romantic evening as we used a water taxi to ferry us across Sydney harbour from our hotel to the resturant. We had a great evening, the food and the wine was divine and of course we bought the recipie book!! Its a while since I cooked anything from the book and it was nice to flip thorugh the pages filled with gorgeous pictures while choosing which fish dish to cook.

I settled on having a go at cooking this barramundi wrapped in pancetta on a cauliflower mash with vegetables, (this is the picture from the recipe book as mine did not look quite like this). 


This magpie was sunbathing in the dust garden near the fresh fish shop yesterday so I quickly took his picture, as you can see he had already heard me coming and was taking a look at me to see what I was planning to do! I think he is smiling for the camera, do you?


It was so nice to be inside the cool shop, its hot and humid here at the moment which is usual for this time of the year so I cant complain. I am always amazed at the variety of freshly caught fish we can buy, not that I wanted a whole fish as it would have been too much for just two of us.


The cooked prawns looked delicious and they were huge.


We had a great evening and the food although it didnt look quite like the picture in the book was wonderful:)

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