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NHK Partnership Quilts...

Every year there is a huge diplay (80) of these partnership quilts, this year the theme was 'the circle is interesting'. Each unquilted block is made and donated by an individual, 120 unquilted blocks are then matched and the quilts are assembled by a team of volunteers and quilted. 


Love the colours in this one 


I hve been told that quilting groups get together and decide on a block theme and each make blocks that go together and this quilt caught my eye.


The armchair blocks remind me of the block in my quilt A Kittens Tale.



This quilt was very effective, the patterns created from the circles is interesting almost hypnotic!


This had so many fun blocks in it I could have looked at it for ages.



Loved the embroidery on this block...very inspiring.



Love this block, such happy looking ladies!


The quilts are all on display each one has the names of the makers on a chart beside the quilt and for approx. $5.50 you can buy a ticket which you put in the box of your favourite quilt and there is a chance you may win the quilt :) The money goes to charity and I imagine that they raise a large sum :)

I am not sure of the theme for next year or the closing entry date, I will endeavour to find out and let you know.

If you wish to partcipate these are the rules:

one block per person measuring 22cm x 22cm (including seam allowance), no wadding or batting just the quilt block, your name in pen in the seam allowance of the lower right hand corner, enclose a note with your name, address, phone number and email address. Send to

Partnership Quilt
NHK Sutekini Handmade
2-2-1 Jinnan
Tokyo 150-8001

You will get a postcard back with the quilt that your block is in, which should you come to Tokyo for the show next year would make finding your block a little easier!

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My day off cont.

Kawgaoe dates back to 1100 and the old houses in the little part of town we walked thorugh were really pretty, I didnt realise we were near the sea and wished we had found our way there as I am sure its very beautiful.


This wonderful wood bell tower Toki-no-kane (Time Bell Tower) was just down a side street, set against the blue sky it is an impressive wooden building.


I really like how the Japanese take the time to make every space an interesting one, this arrangement outside a doorway is very pleasing.


This store was selling dried everything, mostly fishy things! I was of course attracted not to the dried goods but the lovely old salt barrels that the goods are stored in.


To give you an idea of how the dried goods are presented here is some dried squid.


I couldnt resist taking a picture of these lovely wooden items that were outside a hardwear store.


Can you guess what the shop sells that had this healthy looking specimen outside its door? (By the way I love Brussel sprouts)


One corner of the room had this collection of things, it reminded me of my workshop at home in the everything I am using today is out on the table. A working mess!


Did you guess correctly what tyoe of store it was???? Its a seed shop :)


We had heard that there was a small quilt display in the Hilton Hotel, so on the way back to the show we took a detour and popped in for a visit with the quiltmakers.




There were other lovely quilts on display but we we not allowed to take photos as the quiltmakers were not there.

What a great day out I had and Sae and Nireko had been very busy at the show with an amazing 39,000 vsitors attending again today.

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Kawagoe flea market..

Early yesterday morning a small group of us headed off on the train to Kawagoe where there is a flea market on the 28th of each month held on the gounds of a temple. I think some of the stands had been set up very early when it was snowing. Fortuantely for us it was cold but sunny while we were there.


Everyone had awnings up to protect thier wares from the snow/rain.


There were old fabrics, braids....


Carol (QuiltMania) found some old spools form a loom with thread on them.


Can you guess what these are?? I was going to buy some as I thought they would make nice tags for parcels..turned out they are homemade matches! Probably not the best thing to take on an aeroplane! However I still like what they look like, the colours are lovcely.


The wooden frames/stands you can see are for winding the thread for weaving.


You could buy second hand Kimono's...pretty.


We had noodles for breakfast and they were delicious and very hot which was just what we needed.


I have lots more pictures to show you but its time I left for the show.

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Quilts, Chocolate and a margarita, what a day!

Almost 40,000 people attended the show yesterday...there was no room to move!


Maccaroons seem to be taking over the world, they are to be spotted on many quilts too! This one was in the junior section, I love the three dimentional feel the quilt has been given by stuffing the maccaroons.


they look good enough to eat!


This French themed quilt sans maccaroons was in the adult quilt section, love the scalloped borders.


This very beautiful very large quilt caught my eye yesterday, the colours were so subtle with superb workswomanship.


here are a couple of close up pictures and they are fairly true to colour.



Horray, the day is over and its Chocolate Paradise time again. This department store has almost a whole floor of chocalatiers each with their own display of merchandise. Its a very competitive market and with Valentines day around the corner this event is designed to attract many people to come and sample the wonderful chocolates and then choose which ones to buy for their loved ones...I loved taste testing all the different varieties.


This was the sweet (English speaking) young lady who sold me some chocolates :) I love the uniform.


Here we are on the train home with our little bags full of yummy chocolates!

Jane (Labours of Love-Antique Quilts), me, Mary Koval (fabric designer for Windham and antique quilts), Mary Kay (one of the International judges at the show here in Tokyo). We all look rather happy with our little bags of goodies and I want to eat mine but since I bought them for my dad I had better just smell them through the packaging!


A couple of us ended the day with a frozen margarita....needless to say I slept very well!


nite nite, sleep tight until tomorrow 

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TokyoDome quilt show, day 2 2013

There is a place selling loose green tea and the smell from these huge piles of tea is quite overpowering at times, I am guessing its when they open a new box that the aroma is at its strongest. 


I met these two lovely ladies (Yasuko and Fumiko) and with the help of Nireko who translated  for us I learned that they read look at the pictures of my blog everyday :)  I know that there are many of you who visit me everyday and thats why I love writing my blog so much  x x


We were busy yesterday but I sneeked out later in the afternoon to take another look in a different area of the quilt display. This quilt is huge...


There is alot of detail in this quilt, it must have taken ages to make.


The lily flowers were satin type fabric and again the detail was amazing.


This fun courthouse steps quilt caught my eye.


It was beautifully handquilted too.


This wonderful pictorail quilt was captivating, you could stand at tlook at if for hours and still find some detail that you missed befrore, for instance I hadnt noticed until I loaded the picture that the cat at the bootom is peeking through the bushes to spy on the mice who are out and about while the other animals are sleeping!


There is a bees nest hanging in one of the branches.


The bees are scattered all over the quilt


I think some of the appliqued mice have been gently padded to give some dimension, this big fat fellow is having a chat with a caterpillar! I love the scattered embroidered flowers, they are all over the quilt and add a delightful surprise when you get up close and can see them. 


The outer border also has some embroidery on it to great effect, different types of stitches (crazy patch style)


I have more photos but its time for me to get showered and ready for day 3....bye for now

Enjoy Lynette 

TokyoDome quilt show, day 1 2013

The empty space that it to be our home for the next 8 days ( I day for setting up and 7 days open to the public!)


Sae was checking to see if there was room for her to take a nap under the tables!! No chance Sae, there is owrk to be done.


All set up and the final tweaks have been done, we are ready....phew....5 mins to opening time....


This was the queue to get in, apparently the ladies were standing in the line for an hour and a half while it slowly moved inwards. I will check today to see how many people attended.


Horray, here is our first crowd of shoppers. I always worry that no one will visit us particularly in a country where English is not widely spoken as it makes the patterns harder to read, thats why I try to put so many drawings into my patterns as I know we all use the pictures first and if all else fails we read the instructions!


I escaped for  short time to look at some of the quilts on display and will look more today. This was the first quilt that caught my eye, I love the muted colours (no surprises there!), I also like how the maker has approached the borders.


These large white french knots are done with a thick cotton thread and I have seen it alot on Japanese quilts, I like it and am going in search of some of this thread today so look out in the future for some of these knots on my work! Shall I buy a big bag of the thread as I am pretty sure you will all want some too!


If this quilt goes missing, I probably have it in my suitcase, the applique is superb and the quilting as you can see is amazing.



Trees, as you know feature quite strongly in my designs, for me they represent strength and endurance, things/people change so quickly but trees take their time slowly growing strong and true.

This is the overall winner a wonderful strong design and technically quite difficult but not my taste in quilt style. My mum would love this quilt as she is into modern quilts and uses bright colours in her work.


This was amazing in real life, so many appliqued leaves, I couldnt get close enough for a close up picture so you can see more detail but a truly lovely piece of work.


This wonderful musical themed quilt won the friendship award.


I am going to head over to the show a little earlier today in the hope that I can view more of the quilts before the day begins at 10am.

bye for now

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Sad Puppy...

Rain on window
It has been raining all day today and poor Hugo is a little sad as normally when he comes to the office he gets to go out for little walks....he is missing out today as it is a bit wet. He doesn't mind playing in the rain...but we do!

It has been a while since we have had any rain so we were a bit excited this morning and so was Hugo as when I took him out during a break in the rain, he ran straight over to one very large puddle :)


He is also missing his mummy, he has been sulking all day...poor Hugo


Christmas Fun...

Armelle Christmas Fun

 Lynette is now in Tokyo and is busy getting bundles of fabric ready for the Tokyo quilt festival which starts on Thursday. I had this lovely picture of the Christmas Fun quilt emailed to me by Armelle the other day...I just love the snow that is in the background and of course the quilt looks beautiful :) Christmas time in Queensland is always hot! ... so hot one year that our cream curdled while we were trying to whip it for the pavolova haha.

Christmas fun fabrics and buttons

The hand painted buttons look great with Lynette's Christmas Fun fabric range, a fat 1/8 pack is perfect for making the quilt and you will have some left over to play with....which is always fun :)


My Birthday, yesterday....

Yes, it was my birthday yesterday and first I want to say a big thank you to all my facebook friends who sent me good wishes... I could hear you all singing to me and it made my day.

On Friday while we were at work we enjoyed gorgeous chocolate cupcakes with a creamy caramel topping that Emma had made.... we ate them, thank you Emma they were wonderful.

Lynettes Birthday Cupcake

On Saturday afternoon, Vince and I drove to the Gold Coast. This is the view from the beach near our hotel at Coolangatta. I adore these iconic life guard towers that you find on beaches everywhere, across the ocean in the distance we could see the high rise buildings of the GoldCoast. (not sure you can see them in this photo unless you enlarge it and peer closely!)


At 7.30am we had to present ourselves at the gates of Dreamworld ready for my big adventure...a walk with a tiger. Here we are giving Sita (who weighs 135kgs) a pat, I was really surprised as her fur is very short and dense and not soft like a domestic cats but very flat.  


Her tail was so heavy and long...not as long as a cheetah's tail but still long and she was quite happy for me to play with it for a while!


We walked with Sita for an hour in the bushland behind Dream world, she needed to stop lots...to scratch a log, her claws were huge....as were her teeth!


She licked the rock which was covered in Lichen, I am not a plant expert but I am pretty sure that Lichen contains lots of minerals and is/has been used in medicine perhaps thats why she wanted to lick it, certainly most animals seem to know what is instictively good for them.


With so few tigers left in the wild, Dreamworld like most zoos around the world are always raising money towards conservation of these wonderful animals so if your feeling generous then visit 'adopt and animal' either here or through your local zoo and perhpas donate a few dollars because we owe it to the children of the future to do what we can to save some of the endangerd spieces around the world.
Enjoy Lynette

Yo ho me hearties yo ho....

This quilt pattern of mine 'Pirate Treasure' continues to be one of our top selling patterns, I guess there is always a young man out there who loves the story of 'Peter Pan' or the more recent 'Pirates of the Carribean' and there will always be an obliging mum or grandma to make this special quilt for that special boy :) 

Pirate Treasure

As you can see I had fun using the images in the pattern to make a wonderful treasure encrusted pillow and covered a card treasure trunk which all my boys wanted to claim as thiers!

I remember when my son Eddie helped me do the drawings for the sharks....how he wanted me to do red stitches to look like blood on thier teeth...yuku but boys will be boys!!

Eddies pirate drawing

The finished size is approx. 39" x 45" and can easily be made bigger if you want it bedsize by adding borders.

LQS pirate treasure

Take a look at the Pirate Treasure pattern. We have also had fun making these wooden buttons from my original drawings.

LQS pieces of eight

we have called the button pack Pieces of Eight

Enjoy Lynette