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TokyoDome quilt show, day 2 2013

TokyoDome quilt show, day 1 2013

The empty space that it to be our home for the next 8 days ( I day for setting up and 7 days open to the public!)


Sae was checking to see if there was room for her to take a nap under the tables!! No chance Sae, there is owrk to be done.


All set up and the final tweaks have been done, we are ready....phew....5 mins to opening time....


This was the queue to get in, apparently the ladies were standing in the line for an hour and a half while it slowly moved inwards. I will check today to see how many people attended.


Horray, here is our first crowd of shoppers. I always worry that no one will visit us particularly in a country where English is not widely spoken as it makes the patterns harder to read, thats why I try to put so many drawings into my patterns as I know we all use the pictures first and if all else fails we read the instructions!


I escaped for  short time to look at some of the quilts on display and will look more today. This was the first quilt that caught my eye, I love the muted colours (no surprises there!), I also like how the maker has approached the borders.


These large white french knots are done with a thick cotton thread and I have seen it alot on Japanese quilts, I like it and am going in search of some of this thread today so look out in the future for some of these knots on my work! Shall I buy a big bag of the thread as I am pretty sure you will all want some too!


If this quilt goes missing, I probably have it in my suitcase, the applique is superb and the quilting as you can see is amazing.



Trees, as you know feature quite strongly in my designs, for me they represent strength and endurance, things/people change so quickly but trees take their time slowly growing strong and true.

This is the overall winner a wonderful strong design and technically quite difficult but not my taste in quilt style. My mum would love this quilt as she is into modern quilts and uses bright colours in her work.


This was amazing in real life, so many appliqued leaves, I couldnt get close enough for a close up picture so you can see more detail but a truly lovely piece of work.


This wonderful musical themed quilt won the friendship award.


I am going to head over to the show a little earlier today in the hope that I can view more of the quilts before the day begins at 10am.

bye for now

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