Sweet thread holders...
Spoilt with vintage sewing stuff...

Finished and teaching..

The rain here is terrible, they are predicting another 8" (200mm) in the next 24 hours with flash flooding etc. I thought I would distract myself by writing to you all :) instead of worrying that the river will come into the house (we do have an upstairs and I have stocked the little kitchen with food chocolate and tea!) 

This week I have had a few lovely pictures sent to me of finished projects. Thank you to Judy for this lovely Beehive Needlebook and scissor saver that she started at the workshop with me at Little Quilt Store just a few weeks ago - great job.

Judy Beehive sewing book

This sweet little stitchery is from the LAPC and is called Heart and Home, I love the little sheep button that Trish found to use on her sample and the frame is perfect.

Trish Taylor heart and home

I am busy stitching, in fact I have so many projects on the go I am confused! Nothing new there! I have had an enquiry about teaching on a cruise (yes please) in March next year around NZ and the girls at Grandmothers Garden have added an extra days teaching to my schedule for June/July later this year. I am happy as I love getting around to meet you all, I wonder if your coming to one of my workshops??? Let me know if you are and which one you are attending.

Enjoy Lynette