NHK Partnership Quilts...
Workshop at Hobbysew, Australia

I'm chopsticks...

I flew home from Tokyo on thursday night, it was a night flight and I slept like a log all the way...of course I now have a stiff back and a crick in my neck but I am sure a nice massage will have me straightened out in no time!

If you dont read my Facebook page then you wont have seen these gorgeous Kokeshi dolls that I bought at the flea market. I started out buying the big one and then chose a few friends to go with her...then I saw and fell in love with the small ones. What a great collection they make, they are quite heavy and I had to show them to Australian Quarentine on my way back into Australia so they could be checked for bugs (all OK) and I am so happy I bought them. 


This was the little box of chocolates that I bought at Chocolate Paradise to bring back and share with the girls in the studio.


yummy, although perhaps too cute to open and eat!

Inside chocolate box

I also had fun choosing and buying some chop sticks (these are not chocolate, they are made of wood) and if you would like a pair all you need to do is go shopping at Little Quilt Store, buy anything you want. The first 20 customers will get a pair of chopsticks free :) I had such fun choosing them and I hope you will enjoy using them x be quick as there are only 20 pairs available (until I go to Tokyo again next year!).

Chop sticks

Those of you who ordered the nice rotary cutters last week may have got them in the mail already as they were posted out on Friday afternoon last week, I hope you like them as much as I do. I managed to fit more cutters ($24.95 each plus postage) into my suitcase and so if you missed out on the first batch please email Emma and she will send you a Paypal money request.

Olfa Cutter

Its time for me to head home from the studio, check on Hugo and get busy sketching....I feel a new button club design coming on!

Enjoy Lynette