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I met Rosa in Nantes last year, she was demonstrating a very clever tool which makes doing glue stick applique so simple. Rosa has developed, designed and copyrighted the tools herself and I have to say I am getting addicted to using them.


 So lets gather our tools, I have a pair of Rosa's Apliquick tools, my trusty glue pen, Roxannes Glue (no girl can live without this), a pencil, fabrics, some fusible applique paper. You will notice I am working on a black surface, this is the one of the nicest colours I have found to work on and this thin rubbery mat stops things from slipping around rather like sandpaper board but it doesnt set your teeth on edge, ot rolls up for storage, you can press fabrics on it and when its dirty (not sure how you can tell as its black) you can wash it!


Here is a close up of the ends of the tools....interesting dont you think?


Here is a peek at how to use them but for a more detailed explaination I have done a tutorial.

Bird and rods

Download Apliquick Tute

LQS Apliquick Tweezers

The Apliquick Tweezers are brilliant and have been designed to hold onto small pieces of fabric while you cut the desired shape out.

Apliquick scissor

As you know I love scissors, specially ones with fine serated blades and these fit the bill perfectly + I love the pewter look finish. Apliquick Scissors

Today we have stocked up Little Quilt Store with all these wonderful gadgets,

Let me know what you think of the tutorial and of course as always if you have any questions please feel free to email me :) and I will do my best to answer.

Enjoy Lynette