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I love this design, I showed it for the first at the AQM in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and everyone loved it. The pattern is called 'Forest Friends', I made the pillow first which as you can see has some simple piecing, sweet applique with some of my all time favourite stitchery thrown in. I like the little possom with the gum nut blossom sweet, she turned out really well. I bet you have also spotted the printed ribbon I have used in the dragonfly square....its one of my new licensed products from the 'Wildflower Wood' collection.

Forest Friends Email Size

I loved making the pillow but I have also been wanting to make something to go into one of these new frames I have had made....they are so cute, so I adapted the pillow design and added some of my lovely handpainted in Australia buttons.....and I absolutely love the framed version, in fact we have put the picture of the framed version on the front of the pattern and the pillow is pictured on the back.

Framed Y381 email

The button painting girls painted some very special buttons to go with this new design. I cant decide which is my favourite, the toadstool is a mini version of the one we used for Fernhill but the owl and the spotted moon are brand new. The owl would make a nice brooch if you glued a brocch fitting to the back.

YB369 Owl Button

YB371 Toadstool Button

YB370 Moon Button

Did you notice the printed ribbon I have used in the dragonfly square on both the pillow and the framed version....its from one of my new licensed products from the 'Wildflower Wood' collection. There are 2m each of five different ribbons on the mixed printed ribbon pack and its in stock now.

Wildflower wood ribbons

Lots of stores around the world will soon be having stock of my licensed ribbons, braids and papers for papercraft. 

Forest Friends pattern can be bought here

The whitewashed timber frame can be bought here

My handpainted buttons can be bought here 

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Enjoy Lynette