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Did you hear our loud cheer of excitement yesterday when the postman brought our boxes of 'Stitch It For Spring' books?

Stitch it for spring cover

A big thank you for all the book pre-orders we had for a signed kept me very quiet this morning!

Lynette signing books

It was fun signing the books and the girls kept me supplied with tea and biscuits x

Lynette and Stitch it for Spring

Facebook fans will remember the huge delivery of boxes that I showed a few days ago?? Just in case you didnt see the huge pile, here is Tom my youngest with Gran helping in the background. They were both kind enough to come and help unpack all the goodies as it was a bit overwhelming.


So, I bet your wondering what was inside all the boxes???? Goodies, yummy goodies......want to see? Printed ribbons, ric racs, sweet butterfly and flower buttons in tubs, dyed buttons that match my fabrics.


There is the cutest printed tin, it holds the Cosmo multi work spools perfectly but of course there are a million things a quilter can store in a tin! The design on the top is from the very popular Fernhill quilt.

Tin with Threads

Emma has designed all the packaging for this product collection and I hope you will agree is so sweet.

The printed ribbons have been used on a project in the book and on my new 'Forest Friends' design. I wonder what you will use them for? I am thinking of stitching the ribbons together to make one piece and then I could make a pencil case from them.

Ribbon and braid

Did you notice that I used the pom pom braid to decorate the edge of the lampshade thats on the front cover of the book?

Pom Pom braid

I am thinking of making a button necklace like the ones I used to make and wear years you remmber me wearing one? I have  found my old favourite brown button necklace out which I wore 15 years ago and have decided its time to wear it again.


I want to make a new button necklace using these pretty buttons from the Wildflower Wood collection, (I think I may need two tubs of buttons to make a long necklace like the brown one).


Plastic buttons

The little butterfly button was used on the bunny tea towel in the book...but I can see lots more uses for them.

Wooden Buttons

Well, its been a pretty exciting week and tomorrow I head off to the US for Spring Market in Portland where I will catch up with all my international store owners and hope to sell them some goodies to bring home to show you. 

Go shopping


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