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What an exciting month its been, everyone around the world has been emailing me to say they have signed up to join us making 'Chateau Hexagon'... I am happy to show you what month one looks like. 

CH1 block pic web

Isnt this first block adorable. I love how the combination of applqiue, stitchery and handpainted button really make the design stand out. I wonder if your button was painted by Joyce, Lyn or Katie?? (We are actively looking for another button painter so if you are in Australia, having painting skill prefereably done some folk art and are interested email us for more info).

7 hexagons 1

If your not signed up for 'Chateau Hexagon' yet and wish you were then here is a listing of the stores who have told us they have a few places left, be quick so you dont miss out on making this gorgeous little quilt.


Hobbysew Belconnen - ACT

Little Quilt Store -  QLD


Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe 

The Christmas Shoppe

Creative Patches and Sewing

Daisy Cottage Quilting

The Rabbit's Lair


Cross Patch 



La Petite Echelle


De Lapjesgaard

One thing I wanted to talk about to participants about is the fabrics, I keep my supplies list to a minimum (call me mean if you want). So if your the type of person who cuts into the fabric without checking first I suggest you buy more fabric than I suggest. I have used fat eigths for this project (25cm x half width of fabric if your in a metric country smaller if you are in the US) so when you cut your background blocks, stop measure twice and cut once! I promise the two pieces can be cut from this size piece of fabric.

Cream fabric

 As you know I love to keep this club a mystery so for all those who have emailed to ask how many hexagons should you make this month???.....I know your eager and excited but please dont try to jump ahead, I will tell you when the time is right!

7 hexagons 1

My original quilt is back from the quilters....its so very pretty. I had to cut the buttons off for the quilter and tonight I am going to do the binding and stitch the buttons back on and then we shall pin it in the studio where everyone who works at Lynette Anderson designs can admire it everyday!

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