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I am alive and stitching! Its been a bit crazy here this week as we prepare for a photo shoot on Monday.....yikes thats only 2 days away.....


If you follow me on Facebook then you will have seen peeks at what I have been working on...


I love Sunflowers, they make me smile. I remember years ago taking the boys on a road trip, we wnt through a town called  Gilgandra and passed fields of sunflowers growing in the fields. Many years later on a trip in Europe we saw fields of Sunflowers....there were sunflowers as far as the eye could see.


So, the inspiration for these sunflowers in from my memories...yes, that is a sweet horse you can spy...


fabric feathers....they look intriguing dont they.....I am working with my October fabric collection which is called 'Mending Fences'


I love this brown print with the line drawings on it (it will come in other colours too)... my little Ohio stars turned out OK, I ddnt get all the points to match but hey I am looking for a nice look not perfection!


hmm...simple squares I can match the seams (mostly), think I can see a hen or two here as well.


 Well, I had better get back to stitching. I hope there is a good movie to watch, although these days I am not sure what a good movie is does anyone have any good movie suggestions?

Lynette felix