Love Letters....
wedding preparations...

I've been quiet but I'm busy stitching...

Its all systems go here, I am frantically working to get some samples ready to take to Houston firstly for quilt market which is where we show all the new fabrics, patterns, buttons and books to store owners and then I am staying and having a booth at Quilt Festival which is the retail show and where I get to meet you all :) 

I have had fun cutting hexagons, not sure if I will use them for anything but its a great way to get a feel for how the fabrics are going to work together with not much effort. Look I even had fun fussy cutting Hugo out so he fitted onto the hexagon, pretty cute dont you think.

I have done a tutorial for hexagons here.


I have made a lovely new pillow which has a 'sewing' theme which I am thrilled to bits with and know that you are going to love it too x x

Sewing machine

I am making a pile of yoyo's, 65 of them to be precise. I like making yoyo's they are mindless and perfect for making while listening to the TV. I am almost at the end of Downton Abbey :( do you have any suggestions for something else I can get as a series of to watch?

I have done a tutorial for yoyo's here.


Fatcat loves sitting on my quilts and from reading your blogs I can see that your cats love to help you too! So to celebrate all the cat help that we get there is a cat 'helping' on my new stitchery pillow.


Log cabin fun, another quick way to see how fabric colours are working together, the blues and the soft fawns looks great together.

Log cabin

Its Sunday morning here and the sun is out (summer is around the corner), the birds are singing and Vince has promised to take me out for breakfast this morning when he gets home from cycling (he left at 5am this morning to miss the heat of the day). Then its back to drawing/sewing for the day for me as I have so many ideas and not enough time....think thats a problem for most quilters!

If your coming to Houston for either market or festival my booth number is #633. Hope to see some of you there.

Enjoy Lynette