wedding preparations...
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The Wedding...

Putting on the extra proud I was at this moment of the young man who stood before me.


Before retiring my dad was a silversmith and amongst the lovely things he used to make were cufflinks, mum managed to find a pair for Eddie to wear on his special day.


After a worrying start to the morning when an early thunderstorm woke us all up, the sun kindly came out in time for us to decorate the tree where the ceremony was to be held.


I think he can see his bride to be coming across the grass....


We are all looking to see the bride. In red Ellen, my youngest sons girlfriend then Erin my second sons wife and at the back my lovely mum x x


Here comes the bride with her Dad



I loved this part of the ceremony, Eddie and Emma each poured some of thier own sand to blend together in the jar and then each of us put the pebble we had be holding close to our hearts into the jar.

The sand jar


the certificate

The certificate

the rings...


The bride and groom with my parents.


Tom (youngest) and me... I love that he wanted to wear a tie to match his girlfriends dress colour :)


Our sweet granddaughter, Elsie with her parents.


This is the only professional photo I have seen so far, isnt it lovely.


Sorry this was so slow in being posted, the wedding was on the 28th Sept and we moved house on the 5th Oct....two very busy saturdays down and one to go. Next Saturday we are celebrating my dad's 80th birthday, with cucumber sandwiches, jelly and cake....yummy.

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