Chance to win a pattern...
Farmyard Friends, new quilt...

Ready for the long arm quilter....

Quilters Garden fabrics...coming to a store near you early 2014...meanwhile I get to play with the fabrics now :) I know its not fair but thats the way it is!


Helen Thompson who joined me in a class in the UK is raising funds to send her daugther on a trip of a lifetime next year and is stitching things to sell to raise the I thought how perfect it would be if Helen stitched for me so she has done all the stitcheries for the re-make of 'In Full Bloom'.


As you can see I had a helper while I was joining the quilt together. He does love to help and I love that he keeps his opinions about which fabric to put where to himself which is nice and he tried his hardest to keep his feet and nose 'off' the fabrics!


Its really going to be very pretty and I always think the quilting brings the whole quilt to life.


Its gone to be quilted by Elizabeth Traynor who used to work for me at my old store The Patchwork Angel but who now lives in Victoria, Australia. Liz does the most beautiful long arm quilting and I cant wait to see what she does to this quilt.

Lynette bobbin