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Feeling blue...

 Yesterday as I walked around the quilt show I was drawn to everything blue and then I came across this wonderful display by one of the loveliest Japanese quilt artists I have met.

The textures of this handmade basket contrast so nicely with the indigo blues of the fabrics.


 Neat piles of handwoven indigo fabrics which have all been made using traditional techniques the methods of which have been passed down through the centuries. 


 This sweet old wooden loom brought back memeories of my weaving days (back when I was 17ish in Wimbourne, Dorset. Although the one I worked on was considerably wider than this one). If your interested in learning more about these techniques I suggest you visit Bryan Whiteheads blog, he is a Canadian living here in Japan using the old techniques. I was lucky enough to meet Bryan a few years ago and have promised myself a visit to his studio in the hills outside of Tokyo one day.


The master herself, about to give a small talk and demonstration to an eager crowd of ladies waiting to learn some tips for handquilting.


 Curved Log cabins, a wonderful use of fabrics. 


 Log cabins in another pattern, sort of elongated clamshells.


 (close up of the quilt above)


 This quilt was/is amazing


 so many shades of blue have been used to create this quilt.



This is such a pretty quilt.


 How about this quilt made from simply hundreds of tiny squares ( I have to go back today to see what size these squares are)....absolutley stunning



and the handquilting is perfect


 this quilt did weird things to my eyes... very clever


I wonder which quilts will catch my eye today????

bye for now

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Tokyo 2014..

 The familiar site of yellow boxes waiting for me in an empty space still excites me, will I be able to make my booth look nice, who will I meet here, what things will they love and want to buy? All these things go through my head as I look at these boxes which represent weeks of preparation by the girls in the office and in the kit cutting room.


 I had breakfast at the Moomin cafe where the choice of delicious sandwiches, pastries and all things Moomin abound.


Day one, thankfully we had customers and even nicer we had customers who had been to us the year before who brought photos of completed projects which was very excting.


 After a busy day what nicer ending that dinner with friends, Priscilla (owner of Stitch Publications where we get our 'in English' versions of Yoko Saitao's gorgeous books, there re now 6 titles available with another three due later this year) and Nireko my good friend who is now living back in Tokyo. 


 Many of you will know Sae from the store, she is with me here in Tokyo and her lovely mum is also here helping me.


 Here I am on the other side of the table with Reiko Kato and two new friends from Spain, Mercé and her husband whom I hope to see again later this year in Septemeber when I visit Spain for workshops.


It seemed that we were not the only ones that had a fun night out,,,,mama chicken had obviously been partying all night and was still confused when we came to work the next morning....poor girl....


 Now for a few quilt pictures, I cant tell you much about each quilt as the information is all in Japanese :(

This ladies parasol quilt took my eye.



 This quilt didnt photograph as well as I woud have liked which is a shame as its a lovely quilt.


 The intricate flower border which is hanging from the edges of the quilt is made from hundreds of flowers and leaves which I think are the pre-cut leather type flowers and leaves that you can get easily here. Of course its possible that they ahve al been cut by hand...wow!


 I really like the whole room displays they have here, they attention to detail to keep your eye interested and at every place you look there is something amazing to see. This quilt was floating in the space and surrounded by huge balls of flowers.


This is a sweet spring scene which I have tried to take a panorama photo for you (new gadget I just rediscovered on my phone) in the hope that you can get a feel for the size of  the display.


The gorgeous wedding chapel was in the centre, for the rabbits to get married in perhaps?


 This hexagon quilt is amazing, the design reminds me of the wonderful Moorish floors that you find in placs like the Alhambra in Spain and other buildings of that type, even the colouring captures the mood.


 The hexagons are maybe  1/2" or slightly  less as the Japanese work in mm's.


 The handquilting was so tiny and as you can see each hexagon has been quilted in the traditional way.


 Well I am out of time for this morning as I need to head back to TokyoDome stadium for day 3.


The first day there were a little over 27,000 visitors and yesterday was very crowded so it will be interesting to see how many visitors there were. The people sitting in the stadium seats are resting thier weary legs and eating lunch as this is the designated area for having your lunch. It was standing room only on the very crowded show floor.

bye for now

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Quilt Camp - France 2014

Quilt Camp Logo Large

It's time for us to get serious about Lynette Anderson’s - Quilt Camp 2014 Chateau Hexagon in France. We are really excited with the response that we have had for this event and we are now ready to take your booking, thank you. 


Chateau Bessey


Chateau de Bessey-lès-Citeaux, 24 Rue de la Rivière, 21110 Bessey-lès-Cîteaux, France  P:+33 3 80 29 73 27

The Chateau is approximately 30 min. south of Dijon in the Burgundy area of France.

Trunk Show:

In this informal presentation Lynette will share her love of design and stitching – showing quilts, pillows, bags and sewing accessories from her latest and most popular collections.  She will also share the story about how she got started on her incredible journey in the world of patchwork & quilting, plus you will find out what the future has in store for her. A PowerPoint presentation will also be included, plus a light supper and time to shop.

Date: Wednesday, July 30th 2014, FREE

Time:  7pm to approx. 9.30pm 


Three exclusive new designs will be released at Quilt Camp for you to stitch by hand.

Kits will be available for pre-order for each project which will include the fabrics and threads you need for the project (see Registration Form to pre-order), or you can bring your own supplies. Some items will be available for purchase at the Quilt Camp Little Quilt Store.


Workshop 1: Thursday, July 31st 2014      Registration - AU$215      FULL

Workshop 1: Thursday, July 31st 2014      Registration plus kitset – AU$265  FULL

Workshop 2: Friday, August 1st 2014          Registration - AU$215    

Workshop 2: Friday, August 1st 2014          Registration plus kitset – AU$265

Workshop 3: Saturday, August 2nd 2014    Registration - AU$215    

Workshop 3: Saturday, August 2nd 2014    Registration plus kitset – AU$265

Time:  Workshops will run from 10am to 1pm (approx.1 hour lunch), then 2pm to 6pm.

Download Quilt Camp Registration Form1 or you can register online here

We have had lots of fun on the Society6 website putting the quilt camp logo onto things you could have...if you look at the registration form or online you can pre-order for delivery at Quilt Camp one of my sweet calico bags for just $5.95


Bag and mug



You will need to make your own travel and accommodation plans.

There is limited accommodation at Chateau de Bessey. Françoise and Phillip Aubert, the owners also have a list of  alternative accommodation that is near to their chateau.

I hope that you can join me on my first ever Quilt Camp x x If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] and either Lesley or myself will endeavour to answer you.

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Doggie stuff...

The very creative Dawn who lives in Australia but whom I met for the first time when I was in Tokyo last year sent me these pictures of a gorgeous journal cover that she made for her friend Suzies Christmas present.

Dawn has used the puppy block from my 4 part block of the month quilt, A Dogs Life. Dont you love the 'stitched with love' wooden button thats ben used as the clasp on the front. We cut them on our own laser cutter and you can buy them from me here in a pack.

Itching dog 2

 The inside cover is really nice too.

Itching inside

 The puppy block has been so popular that I released a pillow pattern using it which includes the dog bone button.


If like me you are a dog lover then perhpas you want to make the whole quilt then You can buy this pattern from here. 

A dogs life small logo

 I have put together a bundle of fabrics to get you started on this quilt, you will need to add a few fabrics from your own stash which will of course make your quilt uniquely yours.

Want to visit Dawn to see what else she has just completed using one of my patterns and alot of the fabrics that she recently bought when she visited my store :) dont forget to let her know you visited by leaving her a message.

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