Happy Australia Day
Pretty Displays..

Feeling blue...

 Yesterday as I walked around the quilt show I was drawn to everything blue and then I came across this wonderful display by one of the loveliest Japanese quilt artists I have met.

The textures of this handmade basket contrast so nicely with the indigo blues of the fabrics.


 Neat piles of handwoven indigo fabrics which have all been made using traditional techniques the methods of which have been passed down through the centuries. 


 This sweet old wooden loom brought back memeories of my weaving days (back when I was 17ish in Wimbourne, Dorset. Although the one I worked on was considerably wider than this one). If your interested in learning more about these techniques I suggest you visit Bryan Whiteheads blog, he is a Canadian living here in Japan using the old techniques. I was lucky enough to meet Bryan a few years ago and have promised myself a visit to his studio in the hills outside of Tokyo one day.


The master herself, about to give a small talk and demonstration to an eager crowd of ladies waiting to learn some tips for handquilting.


 Curved Log cabins, a wonderful use of fabrics. 


 Log cabins in another pattern, sort of elongated clamshells.


 (close up of the quilt above)


 This quilt was/is amazing


 so many shades of blue have been used to create this quilt.



This is such a pretty quilt.


 How about this quilt made from simply hundreds of tiny squares ( I have to go back today to see what size these squares are)....absolutley stunning



and the handquilting is perfect


 this quilt did weird things to my eyes... very clever


I wonder which quilts will catch my eye today????

bye for now

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