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One block to go...

Can you belive that there is only one more block to go on my mystery button club quilt 'Chateau Hexagon'. Susan Grey has sent me these pictures of her quilt, I am so happy to see so many of my fabrics being used in this project.

Chateau month 1 to 6

Susan is doing some very lovely embroidery and is using some differnt stitches to the simple ones I tend to use.

Block 6

Here is a close up of the snail, he has bullion stitches  for his shell which are very effective.


The roses are also bullions, I love how Susan has either used a shaded thread or varied her thread colours to create the petals on these roses.

the picture so far...here is my original quilt...

Chateau so far 1 to 8


Flowers and poodle 

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