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Nice gate and lovely handmade lace...on the chateau

I have had so many lovely emails telling me how much you have enjoyed stitching my mystery button club for 2013, Chateau Hexagon, thank you for your kind words. If you havent seen the completed quilt yet, here is mine, I really enjoyed making it with the help of Val one of my lovely stitchers who lives near me.

Chateau Hexagon WEB

We have had the quilt on display in the office all year and will miss it now its hanging in the store. The quilt featured lots of little 1/2" hexagons, I used the water soluble hexagons for this project which were fun to use.

10 hexagons 1

 Christa sent me this picture to show how she has done the gate, look closely and you will see that she has cleverly included the year and her initials....


The very talentent Valerie, one of my dear freinds in the UK is busy making bobbin lace for her Chateau Hexagon. This hand made lace is going to make both her and Maureens quilts very unique.

Handmade lace

 For those of you who want to make this quilt, we now have the patterns printed and ready to ship, they are A4 size patterns with colour pictures of each block on the inside cover making them a nice pattern to work from. If you are a store owner and want to stock the patterns and buttons, please email [email protected] and we can give you more information.


There are nine hand painted buttons in the set (picture only shows 7) and the buttons painters have been busy so there are some buttons available in the online store.

We also have a few fabric packs, ric rac and lace packs.

If and when you have completed your quilt I would love to have a picture, maybe  you are coming to one of my workshops in 2014 somewhere on the planet and can bring it along for show and tell??

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My cream on cream fabric collection -Bread & Butter...

  So many of you have emailed me over the years to ask if I could suggest a background for your stitchery and now I am happy to say I can. Dont get me wrong I still love my cream yarndye and will be contiuing to use it for many of my projects as you all know I love the textured look you get from the Japanese yarn dyes.

Small teacup

As you can see from the little peek below my Bread and Butter fabrics are great to stitch on, 'Mama's Wash Day' is a new little stitchery to remind me of when I was little and mum did her washing on Mondays and hung it on the line to dry. I dont know about you but I seem to do washing anyday I can fit it in and I dont always have time to hang it outside to dry.

Bird on bread and butetr 

Dont forget I always use the stitchery stabilizer behind my work as it means the threads dont show through when you carry them across the back and for some reason it seems to make your stitches look more even ( definitely a reason to use it).

One of the exciting things about my move this year to RJR fabrics is that I have been able to create a cream on cream collection. These fabrics are the perfect background for my stitcheries as they dont have too much pattern on them but they do have enought to make them interesting....and as you can see they are perfect for log cabins...

Bread and butter

 There are 7 prints in two creamy colourways to choose from or we have cut some Fat 1/4 Bundles with one print from each in the bundles....you cant go wrong with a fat quarter can you, a fat quarter seems to be enough for alot of things!

Bread and butter prints

Emma has been busy putting the metreage online and for those of you close enough to visit me, the fabrics are on the shelves waiting for you :)

 My friend Kay made this simple but extremely effective throw size log cabin quilt for me using fabrics from my bread butter collection, I love the effect the varying shades of cream give to this quilt. What a great wedding quilt it would make and of course it would be easy to make it bigger.  The quilting was done by another friend, Darlene from Sew Graceful Quilting. Darlene did all over feathers on the logs which is perfect as the feather are soft and pretty by contrast to the straight lines of the logs (you can see the quilting better in the picture I showed earlier in this post).

Stepping Stones

The log cabin quilt pattern is available to Download Stepping Stones Pattern here for free.

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Bread and butter swatches

Meet The Designer….

 I am so very lucky I get fabulous emails from you every day and invitations to do exciting things and then the postman brings fun packages. This lovely magazine 'Creative Expressions Down Under' came in the post today. Quick look my name is on the front cover....

Creative expressions mag cover

 I had to answer lots of questions for magazine editor, Debra Hudson and we sent photos for her to use in the magazine. So if you want to know my secrets then you need to get a copy of this great magazine.

Mag layout 1

Mag latout 2

Enjoy Lynette

Quilter's Garden…its here...

               Four huge boxes of fabrics arrived on Friday....just look at what was inside...yummy fat quarter bundles (18" x 1/2 WOF x 25 prints), pixie strips (2 1/2 w x 44" x 40 pieces) and giant angel delights (10" square x 40 pieces) and whole bolts of fabric....

Box 1

 The girls decided to try their modeling skills in the boxes, afterwhich we made cubby houses and had a much needed (after unpacking all the boxes) afternoon nap inside.

From left to right, Emma, Sae and our new member of staff Sally. Lyn, Karen and I supervised all the action from behind the camera.

Playing in the boxes

 Ok, on to more serious things...'Quilters Garden' is so sludgey and pretty and can you see the ribbon with my name on it....very posh! RJR Fabrics have done a wonderful job making these lovely bundles of fabrics.

Quilters garden fabric bundles

  Emma has loaded all the goodies including the yardage onto the Little Quilt Stores website for you to look at.

Visit here to see the Quilter's Garden bundles and meterage or continue reading and pop back in a moment.

Remember this lovely quilt, called Towne Square which is approx 77" x 77" when finished and if I may say so looks lovely on my bed! Its been made from Quilters Garden fabrics and was designed by my friend Wendy Sheppard


 We have a very limited number of kits (they arrived on Friday in those huge boxes). The colouring in the picture below is truer to the real fabric than the picture above which was taken on my phone at the convention centre on set up day!

Towne square kit

If you want to make you own Towne Square quilt kit, follow the link (this kit contains approx. 16.5 m of fabrics for the quilt top and binding, backing is not included).

Towne Square Quilt1

If you dont want a kit but love the quilt pattern you can Download the free 'Towne Square ' pattern here

Of course I have been busy designing and stitching lots of exciting new projects using these fabrics, patterns and kits available.

 Sewing Friends pillow (we have kits for the pillow, Sae just finished cutting them while I typed!) and Count Your Blessings (working on kts for this tomorrow)

Image 1

This gorgeous quilt which my sweet granddaughter adores is called Cherry Tree, once we are finished with the sample I will have to give the quilt to her as its perfectly her colours.

Photo 1

Cherry Tree Quilt email

We have patterns for The Cherry Tree quilt

Y104 Suffolk Baskets Quilt

We have patterns for Suffolk Baskets Quilt

Enjoy Lynette

Quilters garden swatches1

Wedding quilt and a hedgehog family...

 These adorble hedgehog purses were made by a lovely Japanese lady that we met in Tokyo. I spotted her using one and speaking no Japanese I accosted the poor lady! Sae came to my resuce and after much discusion in Japanese we discovered that she made them (felted wool) to sell. Of course I had to own one and luckily for me Mutsumi's mum was coming into the show the next day....so here are my 'mother and daughter' hedgehog coin purses.

Hedge hog purse

Hedge hog backs

Mutsumi has a cute blog (which is in Japanese...but still worth a visit to see what other cute things she makes... 


These wedding quits were on display in the hotel I was staying at in Tokyo, I got to take a closer look at them one morning. I love this one.


beautiful work and the quilting was amazing


 This one caught my eye


 Such tiny pieces and so accurate


 The lovely double wedding ring quilt was made using so many shades of cream, if you peer closely at the picture you can see and the quilting on this was truly incredible.


 I loved this quilt and in fact in this display it was my favourite, partially the colour but also due to the fact that my first ever quilt was this design (mine was boring plain colours and is still not finished).


 Here is a close up of the applique work thats on top of the piecing, its so effective and very pretty.


 There were several white quilts, this one had snowflakes quilted into it that are vaguely coloured.


 very effective and stunning to see


Thats the end of my little quilt show for today x I hope you enjoyed seeing them.

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Goodies from Tokyo

 Last year whenI was in Tokyo I bought a couple of these sweet ready made coin purses and wished  had bought a few more as there was so many of you who wanted to buy one. 

Cute purse

 This year they had kits for the very same little coin purses....you get everything you need. The kit includes the fabrics, zipper, little buttons, charm and the striped fabric piece that gives the thread effect on the spool is already stitched! I got pinkish and brownish kits.

Pink purse

Be quick if you want a purse kit as I didnt buy very many in case you didnt like them! The other little thing I totally fell in love with was these ready made sewing basket brooch/pins, just look at all the detail and each one is handstitched.

Sewing basket brooch

 The little brooches come in a variety of fabrics, as you can see they are all similar and all very cute. To select yours follow the link Handmade Sewing Basket Brooches  I dont think you will be dissapointed whichever one you choose.


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Join me in France..

 Its only a couple of weeks since we announced the dates and venue for Quilt Camp in France and the registrations have been coming in fast and furious. We are going to have such fun, are you coming??

Quilt Camp Logo Large

 This is the Chateau where the classes are going to be held, we will be in a gorgeous marquee in the gardens with room to stitch on the Terrace if you wish. Our hosts Francoise and Phillip are providing the refreshments for the day :) The accomodation at this Chateau is now full, Francoise and Phillip are able to offer suggestions for alternative accomodation with thier neighbours and at various other B&B close by. 

Chateau Bessey

 I am so excited to be teaching in France, its a couple of years since I was there last. I taught for Véro from Born To Quilt, want to see what we did in class 

Quilters can travel stamp

Workshop one (thursday) has only got a couple of places left and workshop two is filling fast, Saturday has places which is weird as weekend workshops always fill the fastest! I have something fun planned for the Saturday workshop x x

To view the workshop and sign-up  information visit here

I hope you can join me in France later this year x x 

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