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Chateau Hexagon - Quilt Camp in France

Amish buggys and washing lines...

Bedford, PA in the USA is home to this museum and I have to say I wasnt sure what to expect when we first arrived but after my tour I was intrigued and in love with coverlets.


The coverlets are made from wool, the patterns are created on jacquard looms.


 I have hundreds of photos as the coverlets were unique and so nicely displayed.


 This was our guide who was very knowledgeable and is quite a character as you can see from the cheeky grin he gave me for this photo (this was before our tour started and I had bombarded him with a zillion questions!)





 The coverlets were truly amazing, I really enjoyed visiting and learning their history.


This was my first attempt at getting a picture of a horse and buggy....from the car window!


 My second attempt as you can see was much better, what a gorgeous horse this one is. So proud looking and I love his/her blinkers.


 I think whoever was driving this buggy was judging by the speed (look at those hooves flying) they were going was late to pick the kids up from school. Another good picture from the car window!


 I  wanted too but I didnt come home with one of these sweet kittens.


Vince (@quiltsherpa) was very patient with me as I wanted to visit a few quilt shops.....I spotted this one and we found a place to park right outside.


 Before I went in the door I met one of my lovely French friends, Marie-Claude who had finished her shopping and was off to find some lunch. I hope to see her again at Chateau Hexagon Quilt Camp next month.


As I stepped in the door of the quilt shop,  I was greeted by the lovely Ruth and her son. Ruth recognised me and  invited me to teach in the store next time I am in Pennsylvania :) I felt very proud and slightly shy, the shy feeling didnt last long, you know me!


 Vince who was driving took us off the main roads to see what we could find that was Amish. I love how the washing is hung on long high washing lines, this was the longest one we saw.


 How about this line of washing that spans the driveway! So neatly hung too.


 Country Life at its best...


 I think these girls have been told not to talk to strangers! Oh and look out Lynette...too late...there is an electric fence that your about to lean on for that better photo...ouch!


 What a wonderful time we had, great company and the accomodation in Mary's retreat house was fantastic. The retreat accomodation is upstairs, above the quilt shop. Lovely bedrooms and bathrooms, the attention to detail was lovely.


If you are in the are and want beautiful accomodation then contact Mary's Quilt Shop in Bedofrd, PA. You wont be dissapointed and there were lots of lovely places to eat in the street so you although there is a wonderfully set up Huge kitchen in the retreat house you dont have to cook if you dont want to.

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