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Trip cancelled.....

 Many of you who follow my Facebook or Instagram will know that back in April I slipped off our leather sofa when reaching for the TV remote and hurt my middle finger. An x-ray showed no break or fracture.....


 However a few weeks later I was still in a lot of pain and had limited use of my finger so I returned to the doctor and was sent to an upper limb specialist with suspected soft tissue damage. An MRI revealed that I had completely torn the ligament on one side of my middle finger and have a partial tear on the other side.....I was made a cute purple splint to keep my finger safe and surgery was scheduled.


 I had surgery on the 6th July to repair the torn ligament - we have to wait to see if its successful...


 My furry friends Hugo and Felix are taking good care of me..


I have had to make a very hard decision, one that I know will disappoint many people and one that has made me feel as if I am letting everyone down but a decision that I know is the right thing for me in the hope that if I follow doctors orders my finger will with time regain its full mobility. It is with sadness that last week I cancelled my trip to France and to the UK.....

Cat and sewing machine

I am devastated that I am not going to be spending time in this idyllic location catching up with stitching friends old and new, that I will not be spending time with my hosts Philippe and Françoise at Chateau de Bessey. Please remember if your in the area Françoise has a gorgeous quilt shop inside the Chateau and would love a visit from you.


 My friend Karen from Patchwork Chicks who has been very understanding and supportive about my injury and the need to cancel my trip.


 I will miss spending time in this lovely classroom with Karen and students from Patchwork Chicks...


This is the fabulous 'A' team from 2015 ( Lynne, Karen, Alice, Nicola and Teresa - Lori where were you??), some of whom will be helping run my stand H36 at the Festival of Quilts again this year. A huge 'thank you' to Teresa who offered without a blink of an eye to run the stand for me when I told her my news - I am very grateful for such a friendship. Please be sure to stop take a peek at all the goodies we have shipped for the show and say hello to my helpers, Teresa, Lynne, Lori and the Rachel x 


 Jo (seen here with Sally) at the Cowslip Workshops stand at the NEC who have been wonderfully understanding about my having to cancel my trip to the fabulous location in Cornwall where Jo's shop is located. 


 There are many people I will be sad not to see this year, I don't know all your names but I know your faces (my NEC tea angels - thank you, I will miss seeing your smiling faces). These two lovely ladies, Maureen and Valerie have been amongst some of my loyal followers and I will be sad not to be having cup of tea with them and enjoying some stitching fun with them at a workshop they were hosting for me at the end of my trip :(


 I was going to show you pictures of my finger - yuk 'no thanks' I hear you say!! It is looking much better, the stitches are out and slowly I am starting to do the exercises that eventually will mean I can hold a pencil and a needle once again - meanwhile a huge thank you to my sewing helpers - thanks to you I will get some new samples made..... 

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