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Needlecases, through the ages...

 How many needle cases do you need? Thats a question thats impossible for me to answer given that I like to have a needlecase with every project I am working on that has my needles, threads, thimble and favourite pair of scissors inside, bet you do to!

Small teacup

I have been gathering some from my collection...this first one my Mum made when she was at school - I think we probably all made one of these on that jumbo Aida cloth with wool threads and I can still remember how hard it was to thread the needle....


Mum then progressed onto stitching on linen and got quite clever with her embroidery...she did chain stitched lettering..very grand!!


This thatched cottage needlecase is from my book 'Country Cottage Quilting' and was inspired by my friends home.


This sweet little envelope style needlecase which approx. 1.5" x 2" came from my grandmothers sewing box. I am not sure of its history but imagine it might be a travelling sewing keep, the sort you might keep in your handbag in case a button falls off...its made from silk.


Ok, here is my first attempt and as you can see I thought I should copy my Mum and stitch the letters across the needlecase! 


I was obviously feeling patriotic and added my version of a Union Jack to the back!


This next needlecase 'Springtime Needlecase' is the second one of this design that I have made, the first used a dusky pink wool which I liked but this dirty green version is just lovely. As you can see my stitching has improved from that first early needlecase. The tiny prairie points at the top and bottom of the stitchery set the design off nicely but I do remember that it was hard making them and not getting my fingers burnt! 


As you can see I had a photographers assistant helping me to make sure the needlecase was looking its best!


As  many of you know I originally self published my books and this sweet needlecase is from a pattern in the book 'Bearly Stitched' which is currently out of print. The gorgeous handpainted bear button was created by my friend Leanne and we have found a few of these, there are also bear buttons with pink bows.



My Mums middle sister who is a very talented stitcher enjoyed making this very glamorous needlecase which she gave to my mum several years ago. I love the little shisha mirrors.....


Beehive Sewing book is one of my favourite ones...the pattern includes the instructions for the sewing book and the scissor keep. The handprinted buttons: crow, flower, beehive and bee come in a button pack which we created for this project..

LAD Y354 

Another friend gave me this pansy covered handpainted needlecase, which is almost too pretty to use. Linda calls these painted pansy's her doodling!! She now has a fabulous quilt shop of her own in Harvey Bay (up the coast from me) called Dew Drop Inn.


I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at some of the needlecases I have in my collection, over the years I have created a lot of needlecase patterns some of which you can see here.

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