Wow, I'm in McCalls Quilting...
#apqquiltalong 2016

A Pink Elephant Quilt...


Some Sundays Vince and I pick up our granddaughter Elsie and we go out for breakfast together. One particular Sunday Elsie brought her favourite teddy bear, the barista at the cafe put these brilliant teddy face on Grandad Vince's coffee.....


 I love sewing and its also my hobby as well as my job so in preparation for moving to a bigger bedroom I wanted to make a new quilt for Elsie - can you guess her favourite colour!!


I chose a gorgeous pattern called 'Little Elephant Quilt' by Red Brolly and had fun going shopping for these outrageous bright pink and blue fabrics.... my first few blocks went together very nicely...then we had Christmas and New Year and my sewing had to be put aside..


My treat at 5pm everyday is that I am allowed to work on my hobby project and so as each day passed another elephant and bird block was made... until there was enough. I had decided to make 12 blocks rather than the 9 the pattern suggested so that it would be bed size. Luckily the border design still fitted with my larger quilt size.


I was so excited when the package arrived back from the KoolKat Quilting - I asked for the all over heart and swirl pattern in pink thread and its perfect. The batting I choose to have is Matilda's Own a wool/poly blend which gives you the warmth of wool with the lightness of poly plus the finished quilt has a lovely soft handle. 


I was very organised for this project and had cut the binding and put it safely aside to await the return of my quilt.


I love the heavy feel of a quilt on your lap as you stitch the binding on a bit by bit all the raw edges disappear. My trusty Bernina and a titanium needle stitched through this quilt like butter. 


I hope that this weekend when we take Miss Elsie out for breakfast I will be able to surprise her with the Little Elephant Quilt.

This sentiment fits exactly how I feel about quilting, its the new hashtag for RJR Fabrics whom as you know I work with to create my fabric collections.


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