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The Splendid Sampler


I feel very honoured to be a designer for one block in The Splendid Sampler sew along, a wonderful fun project that my friends Jane Davidson (Brisbane) and Pat Sloane (USA) have created and that women around the world are participating in.

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The Splendid Sampler blocks are 6" finished and lots of wonderful people in the quilting industry have designed a block. The blocks are being released twice a week, there will be 100+ block patterns in all to collect and make. To learn more follow this link the The Splendid Sampler Website.

I cant show you the block I have designed yet but here are some finished blocks from other designers that have been made using my fabrics. I am working using blues/creams from any and all of my fabric collections - I can't believe I have created so many blue prints. This sweet block below has not two squares from the same fabric!


Sorry about the colouring of this photo, its raining today and my studio isn't well lit (I know I need to get better lights!). There are a couple of early blocks that I havent got done yet as I was a late starter and a couple of 'bonus' blocks that are on the 'to do' pile! I am so pleased with how its looking.IMG_2916


Today it was 'sit and stitch' day in the store when you can come and have a cup of tea, stitch a while and enjoy the company of liked minded people. A couple of other ladies are making 'The Splendid Sampler' too so we got to do some show and tell. Donna is doing hers in pinks/burgundy's/greys from my fabric collections, its looking gorgeous as you can see in the picture below.


Valerie is working with some reproduction prints, looking fabulous.


There are so may different techniques to try, some simple and some challenging...are you making a Splendid Sampler?? We are hoping to have Jane come to the store for a 'Sew Splendid Day' later this year - I hope you can join us and bring your blocks for 'show and tell'?

If you like having fun on Facebook, there is a lovely group you can join, here is the link.

bye for now

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