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Stitch The Day Away - UK

We arrived at our destination, drove down the tree lined drive leading to Horwood House, it was
so pretty and everything I had imagined. 


Arriving at the front of Horwood House, a rather lovely amor house which is now a
conference hotel which has been artfully tucked behind the original house.
We checked into our rooms and were shown the Columbus room
which was to be our classroom for the next couple of days.


It took Teresa and I almost all of Saturday (I was in jet lag mode) to set up
the room and here we are waiting to greet the guests for the workshop :)


Part of getting the room ready included packing the kits and special treats that I
had shipped from home into the 'goodie' bags. I couldn't resist putting these
sweet koalas onto the top of each bag.


The white hearts on the front of the bags I had painted at home one evening in
between cooking dinner and I really like how they looked! The water bottles on
everyone tables were such a fabulous shape I couldn't resit showing them to you.


I have had special Lanyards printed, they turned out so nicely thanks to Emma
who created the graphics and organised getting them printed.
We all enjoyed wearing them.


I'm sorry there are no sound effects for you but as the participants opened
their goodie bags, there were a lot of ooh's and ahh's!
We decided it was a bit like being a child and opening your
Christmas stocking!


Many of us had fun making a needle case for the 'swap', we all started
off with the same stitchery design and then how we made
the needlecase was up to us. Here are just some of them, as you
can see they were all wonderful.


Here I am discussing the how's, why's and benefits of using the
Apliquick tools.


There was lots of lovely 'show and tell' which I was so busy enjoying
looking at that I mostly forgot to take photos :(   

Here Valerie and Sarah are showing their very nice Anderson's Farm blocks.
The quilt in the background is called 'Garden Maze'.


The sweet bunny journal from my book 'Stitch It For Spring' has
been made by Maureen using fabrics from my 'Hollyhock Cottage' collection.
The hill the tree is on is made using tiny 1/4" hexagons and the bunny button is
one of my hand pained ones. The quilt in the background in called 'Love Letter's'


There was show and tell of the nail art variety! 


We did some nice displays around the classroom, here you can see 'Stitched By Me'
which has been kindly loaned to me by Nicola Forman while I ma here in the UK,
Nicola made this quilt from one of my kits. Also is 'Green Thumb' my
new stitchery block of the month (the kits have just been cut and packed in time for my trip)


I loved this door that I found in the garden of the main house.




Thank you to everyone who joined me for this event,
I had a wonderful time and I hope you did too.


Day 1 - Stitch The Day Away - UK


Day 2 - Stitch The Day Away - UK


Dates have been booked for Stitch The Day Away -UK  2017 

bye for now

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