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Buttermilk blog hop

Its always fun to be part of a blog hop and Stacy at Buttermilk Basin always runs a great one at this time of the year.

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I have to confess that I made this sweet much admired winter coin purse a while ago but never did the drawings properly or wrote the pattern... so, I have been busy this weekend...

IMG_6303 2

I decided I should make a new purse to remind myself firstly how to make one and so I could use fresher updated fabrics. I ended up using batting for my appliquéd snowman as I could find (must be under a large pile) my cream/white wool. The batting is a bit fluffy looking which actually makes it perfect for the snowman. As you can see I blanket stitched the snowman in place using 2 strands of matching embroidery floss.


Once all the appliqué pieces have been stitched in place you can draw the surface embroidery on either free hand or using a light source. I like to use a fine tipped pen for my stitchery lines and prefer a brown Pigma pen. Its almost impossible to draw on the cotton batting so I 'winged' it with the snowman scarf, face etc.


I generally use 2 strand floss when I am embroidering except for the tiny details on the snowman where one strand is sufficient. I used Cosmo embroidery floss for this project, there is a great range of colours available in the Cosmo stranded floss, here is a link to the shade chart, we have all the colours in stock.


Its beginning to look good....


Next step choose the fabric for the back and lining of your coin purse, join the completed stitchery (purse front) and the fabric for the back of the purse.

FullSizeRender 61 copy

Layer the lining, fusible lightweight backing and top ready for some simple quilting, I have used some masking tape and quilted either side of it, moving the masking tape across the piece as I go.


Once your have completed the quilted in one direction change directions to give a nice cross hatch look


Work on a flat surface and using the template, I made my template(S) from template plastic so I can easily see through it in order to centre the design. Draw around the template, seam allowance has been included.


Cut out on the line.


Make some bias binding.

FullSizeRender 63

Bind around the entire oval, take care not to pull the bias, rather let it fall in place. If you pull or ease the bias the entire oval will curl up which you dont want to happen!


Hand stitch the binding down.


Work out the placement for the zipper, put a pin in each side where the zip will start and finish.


Stitch the side seams closed to where the zip will start and finish. I work from the outside and do a ladder stitch. 

FullSizeRender 62

Turn the coin purse inside out, flatten out the seam and machine stitch to create a flat bottom for your coin purse 


Position and hand stitch the zip in place, I do a backstitch here just catch the binding and the zip together

FullSizeRender 61

 I also slip stitch the loose side of the zip in place to keep the inside of the coin purse neat.


I hope the pictures have been helpful, there are more instructions in the pattern where you will also find the templates and stitchery/appliqué design if you Download Winter Coin Purse Pattern

These gorgeous gingerbread people were featured in my book 'Stitch It For Christmas' - Emma kindly made them for the photo shoot, we did taste test them once had finished and they were delicious! So, I have managed to twist Emma's arm and she has kindly given me her recipe :) 

  Stitch it for christmas projects


Want to join the fun?
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Of course you do, so visit Buttermilk Basin for the recipes and the links to everyone's blog and enjoy the fun.

bye for now

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