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Last year I was invited by the other designers at RJR Fabrics to make a block for a collaborative quilt. We were asked to create a window scene for a city skyscraper - being a country girl it was hard for me to imagine what it might be like to live in an apartment in the city.....my furry friends shared their thoughts with me about how city life might be from their view on life ..... they told me they would spend their days 'dreaming of the park' and so my block had its name/theme and the drawing began!



The finished block was sent to RJR Fabrics, where it was joined with other designers 'window' scenes and made into this city quilt. I thought it was interesting that a number of us chose to make pet related window blocks :)


A second block was made and has been made into a pillow which looks perfect on the chair in my hallway, near where the dogs lead is kept. Its a constant reminder to me that my furry friends love to be outside - I don't think they are capable of flying a kite but I bet they would love to try!


If your wondering what fabrics I used for my block, I predominately used fabrics from 'High Meadow Farm' my new collection which is due in a quilt store near you soon....

High Meadow Farm Fabrics

I love how the selvage for High Meadow Farm turned out 'oink oink'....


If you would like to make your own 'dreaming of the park' block then please follow this link to Download Dreaming of The Park templates.

The expression of Hugo my Labrador says it all.... 


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