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Filming my new Online Class...

Last year when I was in the US I flew to Denver, Colorado where I filmed a new online class - which was a very exciting thing to do. Of course the scary thing for me is that I had to wear make up! So here I am....


I love teaching and I love travelling, however it would be impossible for me to get everywhere in the world that I would like to go and teach and still have time to be in my studio designing new projects, stitching and creating fabric collections for you. So, an online classes which are available anytime and anywhere are an ideal solution.

I really like doing the filming but I do get quite nervous....what I have learnt    
to do to help get over my nerves is to pretend that I have a lovely smiling group    
of 'you' sat in my classroom NOT the big scary cameras and lights.... 
then I can manage. 

Here is 'the set'.....


 In this photo I am letting the team know what steps I am planning on showing next and in what order I am going to be showing the steps. We are also discussing
what things are important for you to be able to see close up.


I love this 'birds eye' view of us at work...can you spot my warm little red boots? Luckily you cant see them on the screen but I really needed them, the temperatures in Denver were very chilly for someone used to tropical weather!


Let me introduce 'Honeypot Cottage' , this is a gorgeous bag and is what you are going to learn to make in the online class. I will show you two methods
for needle turn appliqué, some of my favourite embroidery stitches, how to make Hexagons and how to make some three dimensional flowers. How to put the bag together and more.


If your interested in joining my online class, follow this link
to read more and to sign up. 

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We have set up a special category in the store where you can order all the supplies and equipment you need to make 'Honeypot Cottage Bag'.

Hope to see you in class :)

Lynette felix