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Handy Thread Conversions

One of the questions I get asked alot is how to convert Valdani to Cosmo or DMC and to be honest there is no easy way to answer that question. Why? you ask...well the simple answer is that Valdani embroidery thread is hand dyed and there are anything up to 10 subtle colour changes within each skein so matching a Valdani colour to any one solid of either Cosmo or DMC is almost impossible. 

For the past few days I have been closely peering at and trying to select suitable options for converting Valdani hand dyed to solid Cosmo or DMC colours!


Below is a handy list of the common thread colours that I like to I use and their DMC and Cosmo equivalents.

Cosmo thread lynette fav

Cosmo Threads to DMC

 Orange #186                 DMC #921

Dark Orange #188           DMC #3830

Pink #235                         DMC #3726

Pink #234                      DMC 3861

Dusky Pink #236           DMC #3726

Red #245                      DMC #815

Dark Brown #312        DMC #838

Cream #364                DMC #712

Pale Brown #367          DMC #3782

Pale Brown # 368         DMC #3790

Light Brown #382       DMC #841

Brown #383               DMC 841

Brown #385                  DMC #839

Brown #386                  DMC #839

Salmon pink #463      DMC #407

Yellow #574                 DMC #729

Yellow #575                 DMC #436

Black #600                  DMC #310

Pink #653                     DMC #223

Pale grey #712             DMC #453

Blue #734                     DMC #930

Purple #763                   DMC #3041

Soft Mauve #764           DMC #3740

Eggplant #765             DMC #154

Charcoal #895             DMC #844

Soft Grey #892            DMC #646

Green #924                     DMC #3012

Dark Green #925        DMC #936

Blue #982                       DMC #3768

White #2500                DMC #3865

Blue #2981                  DMC #926


Download Cosmo Threads to DMC


Valdani Threads 20 Pack

“I love working with hand dyed Valdani floss. 

The subtle variation of colour within each skein makes the 

finished stitchery so beautiful” 

Valdani Threads to DMC and Cosmo

H212 Faded Brown                               DMC #839                   Cosmo #385

JP12 Seaside                                               DMC #927                   Cosmo #981A

O31 Tealish Blue                                       DMC #3768                 Cosmo #983

O39 Forest Green                                     DMC #895                    Cosmo #329

O78 Aged Wine                                         DMC #221                    Cosmo #245

O120 Stormy Sky                                      DMC #318                      Cosmo #554

O154 Antique Gold                                   DMC #420                     Cosmo #575

O178 Tea Dyed Stone                               DMC #3782                   Cosmo #367

O196 Muddy Bark                                     DMC #839                      Cosmo #385

O503 Garnets                                             DMC #221                     Cosmo #245

O511 Black Sea                                           DMC #310                      Cosmo #600

O510 Terracotta Twist                              DMC #921                     Cosmo #186

O512 Chimney Dust                                  DMC #841                      Cosmo #382

O514 Wheat Husk                                    DMC #739                      Cosmo #305

O518 Dusty Leaves                                  DMC #3781                    Cosmo #369

O519 green olives                                     DMC #3364                   Cosmo #119

O539 Evergreens                                      DMC #319                      Cosmo #537

O548 Blackened Khaki Brown               DMC #3031                    Cosmo #4311

O575 Crispy Leaf                                     DMC #3364                    Cosmo #119

O578 Primitive Blue                                DMC #926                        Cosmo #2981

O579 Faded Olive                                    DMC #3053                     Cosmo #924

P4 Aged White                                         DMC #712                         Cosmo #364

P5 Tarnished Gold                                    DMC #3852                    Cosmo #703

P7 Withered Blue                                      DMC #931                      Cosmo #733

P10 Antique Violet                                    DMC #3041                    Cosmo #763

P12 Brown                                                   DMC #839                      Cosmo #385

8103 Withered Mulberry                          DMC #3041                    Cosmo #763


Download Valdani Threads to DMC and Cosmo

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Lynette bobbin


Workshops 2019

My workshops dates and locations for 2019


24th: Stitch The Day Away - Marcoola, Australia (2 places available) follow this link to book or call us on 07 5450 7497


12th April: Rosas Crafts,  Barcelona, Spain call +34 931 67 03 89 for more info and to book


Quilt it and dotty

14th: Quilt It and Dotty, The Netherlands - booking online available or call +31478641519
15th: potential 2nd day at Quilt It and Dotty, The Netherlands



23rd to 29th: Stitchtopia Textile Tour to Nantes, France - for more info and to book follow this link. There will be two one day workshops with me, a full day at Pour L'Amour du Fil a gorgeous quilt show, wine tasting, a visit to the medieval castle and more.


STDA UK logo

26th - 29th: Stitch The Day Away at Horwood House, UK for more info and to book follow this link (limited places available on some days)

7th to 8th: Stitch The Day Away at Cranage Estate, Cheshire, UK for more into and to book follow this link



10th to 13th: Cowslip Workshops, Cornwall, UK please contact the store direct for more info +44 1566 772654 and to book your place or follow this link for more info and to book.


Stda sep logoSeptember
15th: Stitch The Day Away - Marcoola, Australia with special guest Anni Downs from Hatched and Patched (CLASS FULL - waiting list only) for more info and to book follow this link or call us on 07 5450 7497

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask
x x hope to see you in a classroom soon

Lynette felix


Sweet Garden of Mine...


This collection was inspired from my memories as a teenager when my parents decided to keep bees: My Dad built the beehives while my Mum planted flowers that our bee’s would love.

I have used my signature muted tones for the prints and called them names such as lilac, periwinkle, butterfly, weed, clover and oxeye.


No need to put on your gardening gloves to work with these delightful prints. I have created a feature print which encompasses beehives, watering cans, busy bees and dancing dragonflies. A haven for all things flora and fauna, this delightful collection of garden prints that are sure to inspire. 

I have created lots of yummy projects using 'Sweet Garden of Mine'


Basket of Flowers Pillow

I love fresh cut flowers, they brighten our home and there is nothing nicer than having cut them first from your own garden!

Finished pillow size approx 11 1/2" x 13 1/2" 

Starry Tote Bag

Smart and stylish with its English Paper Pieced 6 pointed star block panel. This bag is a very practical size, ideal for travelling with a great inner pocket to keep your phone in and a neat clasp to keep your keys on. There is an easy to open and close magnetic clasp.  

Finished bag size approx 12 1/2" h x 14 1/4" w

Lily & Howard Bag

This delightful bag features Howard the hedgehog and his friend Lily the rabbit. Pretty embroidered flowers surround the pair. Howards body has been done with punch needle giving him a very effective textured look.

Finished bag size approx. 6 1/2" h x 9 1/2" w

Cherry Tree Sweet Garden of Mine

Cherry Tree Quilt

Finished size approx. 52” square


Bird in a basket Sweet Garden of mine small

Bird in a Basket Pillow

It's Spring here in the garden, the flowers are blooming and the birds are making their nests. English paper piecing, applique, 3d flowers and embroidery come together to make this very pretty pillow.

Approx. finished size 14" square

Forest Floor Sweet Garden of Mine small

Forest Floor Tablerunner

A bird’s eye view of the forest floor, a peek at what’s hidden beneath the towering trees and ferns – set around a background of subtle print hexagons you will find an array of pretty embroidered flowers, buzzing bee’s, appliqued toadstools, hearts and more.

Finished size approx. 21.5” x 13.5”

In full bloom sweet garden of mine small

In Full Bloom Block of the Month

This cute quilt features 12 garden theme stitchery designs.

Finished size approx. 38” square

Lucky Clover Sweet Garden of Mine

Lucky Clover Quilt

This sweet quilt is ideal for a beginner and would be easy to make larger or smaller to suit any bed size. Two pieced block combinations come together to create this pretty quilt.

Approx. size 53" x 71"

Puppy purse

Little Garden Purse

This cute little purse features one of my hand painted puppy buttons surrounded by a sweet stitched garden.

Approx. size of purse 6" w by 4.3" h

Spring Bunny Table Topper Sweet Garden of Mine

Spring Bunny Table Centre Piece

This cute table topper is perfect for decorating your table and would be perfect for Easter time. It features cute little bunny stitcheries and fun paper pieced hexagons.


The Ultimate Sewing Companion

This project is perfect for carrying all of your stitching tools and features the sweetest applique and stitching design on the front. 
It can even fit a 6" x 8" cutting mat!

Finished size approx. closed 7¼” w x 9½”h – opened 20¼” w x 9½”h 


Sweet Garden of Mine Logo-01