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Welcome to my blog, I know!!! Its been a long time since I wrote anything here - Facebook and Instagram are much faster forms of keeping you up to date with all thats happening in my world and as social media platforms they are much more fun than blogging!

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To keep your hands and minds busy during these uncertain times, Natalie Bird of The Bird House has gathered together 16 Australian Designers and asked each of us to create a 6" block that we are happy to gift to you.


Today is my block reveal day....I have done a combination of appliqué and embroidery which as you know is my favourite combination. The second photo shows that this block also looks as great as a stitchery. My friend Donna did the stitched version for me as I was running out of time!! Nothing new there! I love the little log cabin strips which Donna has added to the edges, they are prints from my 'Dancing in The Blossom' fabric collection.



Sometimes transferring the design onto your background fabric is challenging. A few years ago when I was in France I discovered the ladies there were using a very clever paper 'Sticky Fabri-Solvy', it also goes under the name Stick and Stitch.


You can put the whole design onto the paper either using a printer or by drawing the design by hand, no light box needed. Next step is to peel the backing paper off, stick the drawn design to the right side of your background fabric and enjoy stitching. 

I use this 'magic' paper for my surface embroidery, when it often not possible to trace the embroidery design onto the appliqué pieces.

Begin by cutting off a piece of the fabri-solvy slightly larger than you need. Trace the design onto the textured side of the paper, I use a sharp pencil or a Pigma .01 pen to do this. Peel the shiny backing paper off and carefully position over the appliqué shape. Press in place.


You can now easily embroider through the sticky fabric-solvy.


Once the embroidery is completed, gently lift the excess sticky fabric-solvy.

Carefully cut away the excess sticky fabric-solvy.



Rinse with cold water until the fabri-solvy has gone. I then place my block on a clean tea towel and gently press to remove most of the water and then leave it to dry on the tea towel on a flat surface.


Once dry, gently press.



A word on using stitchery stabilizer, its a miracle product once you have used some you will never want to go without it. There are lots on the market, some are stiff some are bulky and some are like old bandages which if your not careful little bits come through to the front as to stitch - so my advice is to select your stabilizer with care.


I had tried all the stabilizers on the planet and then I discover
ed this beautiful lightweight one which I have been using for the last 15+ years, you wont even know its there! Here is a link to my Stitchery Stabilizer which we sell in 1m x 150wide lengths.

Love and Kindness: I can never stop at doing one small drawing and I wanted to make a little memory quilt for this time in our lives. I have called it Love and kindness as its what we all need to give and receive at the moment. 

I am hoping that many of you will be kind and support my small business and buy this special release pdf pattern.



You can find out more about 'Love and Hugs from Australia' and collect all the blocks by joining our specially created Facebook Group called 'Love and Hugs from Australia'.

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