Fiji a place to rejuvenate...

What a lovely holiday in Fiji we have just had - a three hour flight from Brisbane to Nadi, pretty easy- then onto a tiny island hopper plane for an hour and a half flight (Quilt Sherpa is leading the way) - with spectacular views of the land and sea as we flew over with a birds eye view.


Into a little bus (for 4 guests), bumping down a dirt road and then a quick boat ride to across from Taveuni Island to Qamea Island


These perfect foot sized shells were set in concrete at the foot of the steps of our bure - a lovely way to rinse our feet after a lovely stroll along the deserted beach.


Here is our sweet Bure - so pretty inside and out and the hammock on the deck was such fun to relax and read in.


I love the wonderful packaging, not sure the coffee inside was that great but it was fun to try it (as you know I am really a tea drinker!)


The first couple of days we did very little, read books, daydreamed, slept a lot and ate some wonderful food. This is something we had for lunch one day, a piece of fish was wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked in coconut milk - it was delicious, something I want to try cooking at home.  


This fun face on a tree stump was on the path towards the spa, a place which we visited often!


By day three we were ready for action and chose to do the accompanied hike to visit the Tavoro waterfalls in  Bouma Heritage Park, for this we first had to return to Taveuni on the boat.

The first waterfall was an easy relatively flat 20 min walk. Very pretty and a lovely place for a swim.


The second waterfall was a steep hike which took us about 45 mins, the views along the way as we stopped to catch our breath were amazing.


we had to rock hop across a river - Quilt Sherpa loved it I was a bit wobbly on the slippery rocks but managed OK.


We met a purple crab with yellow claws on the track, he was only about 4" big but very determined to defend his home!


Another day we visited one of the local villages - one of the nice things about Qamea (pronounced Gamea) is that there are no cars and no roads so everywhere you want to go you either have to hike or go by boat.

We arrived at the village by boat having come through a hidden entrance through the mangrove swamps. I imagine in the summer there would have been allot of mosquitoes but we didn't see any or get bitten by any!! I kept thinking there might be crocodiles but apparently not - thank goodness.


On arrival we had to wade through squelchy mud to get on land - as you know dirt and mud are not really my thing!


We were each given the prettiest flower necklace to wear (took my mind off the mud stuck between my toes!) - I hesitate to call it a lei as they are called in Hawaii as I am not sure they are called that in Fiji. I only heard them referred to as flower necklaces and mine was wonderful as you can see.


The village people were very welcoming, they sang to us, they showed us around their village which had sustained a lot of cyclone damage and there is still a lot of rebuilding to do. I fell in love with the children who were running free, enjoying a simple life without mobile phones and televisions!


The two little rascals hiding under the building were playing with the drub/bell that calls everyone to church! The funny looking stuff drying on the corrugated tin is what they make Kava the national drink from!


Mama Hen with her chicks.... reminds me of 'Anderson's Farm' which I got my original quilt back from the quilters just before we left for this trip, I am looking forward to binding it and stitching all the buttons in place.


Piglets of every size running around...more Anderson's Farm inspiration


Sweet little houses, some were plain tin and others were painted wonderful colours.



I loved this bowl of nails waiting for the builders to come and do a bit more work on rebuilding the church.


Just 7 days after we arrived we left our idyllic island holiday relaxed and rejuvenated to the lovely sound of Baba playing and singing the traditional farewell Fijian song - wishing we could have stayed longer and dreaming of visiting again.


Thanks for enjoying my peek back at our holiday which now over a week later feels like it was lifetime ago!

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Summer Blog Hop....


Visit Stacy of Buttermilk Basin to find out more about this fun block hop and to collect all the free patterns on offer. Here is the line up of designers you will want to visit.

Quilts By Cheri
Calico Moon
Gail Pan Designs
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Lynette Anderson Designs
Kathy Schmitz 
The Cottage at Cardiff Farms
 Leonie Bateman 
Ali Strebel Designs
Buttermilk Basin
This blog hop for many of you is being held during Summer, for me it's winter and it's been lovely scrolling through my photos to find some summer pictures to share with you. The skies here in summer are this amazing shade of blue...
This family of Kangaroos live in the meadows at the end of our street, it's so nice to see them everyday - sometimes there are 20 or more of them.
We are not great gardeners but we do enjoy the odd splash of low maintenance colour - these flowers are peeking their heads over the fence and are looked after by our neighbours so they are very low maintenance for us!
We walk through this little wooded area most mornings on our way to the river, the shades of green change everyday, reflecting the time of day and the sky above.
In the heat of Summer an early morning swim keeps our beloved Hugo cool all day.
During the heat of summer salads are a favourite and this chicken dish courtesy of our local supermarket Coles with its fruity additions is perfect.
I have designed this sweet Flower Mat for you to enjoy making, I wonder what colours you will use. The soft colours I have chosen perfectly suit our guest room with its calming restful shades of dusky mauves, sludgy pinks and soft greys - designed to make our guests feel relaxed the moment they arrive.
thanks for visiting, come back soon x
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Splenderette get together...


Splendid Morning Image

Im a bit jealous as my guest had this wonderful number plate on her car.




A couple of weeks ago we hosted a very special morning in the store ... we had a Splenderette get together with guest Jane Davidson (@quiltjane) co-creator alongside Pat Sloane of The Splendid Sampler. If you not sure what The Splendid Sampler is then check out their offical website here and perhaps you will want to join the fun :)

Here I am with Jane who is wearing a gorgeous blouse made from her first Moda fabric line 'Manderlay'- under the label Franny and Jane.


Jane started the morning off by showing us her blocks and we got a sneek peek
at some yet to be released blocks which was very exciting.


We handed out the block that wasn't due for release until the next day, as Jane said this sweet crayon block would make a great border.



We all introduced ourselves and said where we had come from - there were splenderettes who were in the area on holiday, local ladies, some from the Brisbane area and some who had driven for 10 hours to come and join us for the morning. 

Ladies brought their blocks pinned to sheets which was a clever idea.



Some brought their blocks in gorgeous tins


We laid out blocks on the we could all admire them 




We laid out blocks on chairs...


We ate sandwiches and cakes whilst swapping Splendid stories....

My Splendid Sampler is being made with the help of one of my sewing fairies with as many different blue and cream prints from my fabric collections as I can find. We have started to add sashing to two sides of each block and I really love the simplicity of this look.


Donna (one of my sewing fairies) is working with all the pinks, greys and burgundy's from various collections of mine and we are amazed at how many prints fit into this category, there are even some prints from my Christmas collections which are work really well into this quilt.


I didn't get photos of everyones blocks which was a shame as there was a lovely Tilda one which Nikki Tervo is making. Hopefully Nikki will show some pictures of her Splendid Sampler on her blog, meanwhile her blog is always a lovely read.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing our Splendid Sampler morning, stay tuned for November 2016 dates for the next Splenderette get together.

Lynette felix



Anderson's Farm Half Way

I cant thank you all enough for your enthusiasm for my designs, without you I could not have raised my family.

 The months are flying past so fast, in the studio we no sooner finish printing, folding, glueing the button in place, packaging and posting and its time to start the process again for next months Anderson's Farm. 

This month the Swamp bird is perched on the sheep's back.... but who are the sheep talking too?

Month 5 close up

Oh, look its my sweet Hugo...



 For those of you who are making Anderson's Farm, this is where the pieces fit. For those of you who wish you were making Anderson's Farm we are offering a limited number of places for an August start - follow this link to read more and to book your place.

So Far month 5 


 I wonder how is your farm looking? I have been getting lots of lovely photos from around the world showing me the progress and fun additions your making. Eider from Pamplona in Spain sent me pictures of her blocks, She is doing wonderful embroidery and having fun fussy cutting some fabrics and even adding some fun 'extra's' to make her quilt unique.

Image2 (1)

 Bye for noe

Lynette with Heart

Free Bag Pattern

 Charming Hexie Bag


Download Charming Hexie Bag

I used some of our laser cut 1" hexagons for this project and as luck would have it we managed to get some cut for you from Stonehouse Garden my new fabric collection which is not due to be in stores until August/Sept.


They look so pretty stitched together, this bag only uses a few from the pack which contains x 100 laser cut 1" hexies, leaving you plenty for another project.

Close up

Download more patterns here

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Is your farm growing?

Anderson's Farm, the story so far....


with each block the story unfolds...
I am enjoying all the lovely emails and photos that you are sending me, thank you.

Anderson's Farm So Far

Emma is kindly helping me with some emergency technical help in
between looking after baby Eva who is already 4 and a half months old has drawn up the quilt layout for us.

Anderson's Farm So Far together

Month 5 should be at participating stores by now and we at Little Quilt Store started mailing out month 5 blocks today so watch your mailbox :)

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The Splendid Sampler


I feel very honoured to be a designer for one block in The Splendid Sampler sew along, a wonderful fun project that my friends Jane Davidson (Brisbane) and Pat Sloane (USA) have created and that women around the world are participating in.

The splendid sampler industry banner v1

The Splendid Sampler blocks are 6" finished and lots of wonderful people in the quilting industry have designed a block. The blocks are being released twice a week, there will be 100+ block patterns in all to collect and make. To learn more follow this link the The Splendid Sampler Website.

I cant show you the block I have designed yet but here are some finished blocks from other designers that have been made using my fabrics. I am working using blues/creams from any and all of my fabric collections - I can't believe I have created so many blue prints. This sweet block below has not two squares from the same fabric!


Sorry about the colouring of this photo, its raining today and my studio isn't well lit (I know I need to get better lights!). There are a couple of early blocks that I havent got done yet as I was a late starter and a couple of 'bonus' blocks that are on the 'to do' pile! I am so pleased with how its looking.IMG_2916


Today it was 'sit and stitch' day in the store when you can come and have a cup of tea, stitch a while and enjoy the company of liked minded people. A couple of other ladies are making 'The Splendid Sampler' too so we got to do some show and tell. Donna is doing hers in pinks/burgundy's/greys from my fabric collections, its looking gorgeous as you can see in the picture below.


Valerie is working with some reproduction prints, looking fabulous.


There are so may different techniques to try, some simple and some challenging...are you making a Splendid Sampler?? We are hoping to have Jane come to the store for a 'Sew Splendid Day' later this year - I hope you can join us and bring your blocks for 'show and tell'?

If you like having fun on Facebook, there is a lovely group you can join, here is the link.

bye for now

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'Stitch The Day Away' - Australia and coming to the UK

Stitch the Day Away-01

Stitch The day Away was held on the 13th March here on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. The goodie bags liked so enticing when they were packed and ready.....each one containing one of the new mini craft cases ready for decorating,  two starter kits one from my guest Karen Styles and one from me, a lovely charm pack of 'My Hearts At Home' fabrics and a little jar of fun.!


The room is ready to receive its guests... looking from this end of the room you can see down to Karen's little pop up shop.


The excited participants for the day were lined up outside waiting for the doors to open - so the fun can begin!


Donna and my Mum were waiting to welcome everyone at the door, to check in the swap needle cases and handout the name tags.


Here I am with my guest Karen Styles from Somerset Patchwork, Karen designs quilts and sells patterns and also is kept busy designing fabric for Marcus Fabrics, USA. We were about to welcome everyone and unveil the projects for the day so the stitching can begin but paused for this quick photo...


This happy table of stitchers got a lot of talking done and a bit stitching done, new friends were made  - a fun day was had by all :) 


We held a needlecase swap (I love swaps) - I provided the stitchery drawing and the participants made a needlecase, there was a wonderful variety of needlecase all of which I could happily have brought home with me :) just gorgeous.



One of the students was using the 'My Hearts At Home' fabrics to hand piece her 6 pointed stars for Karen's project, so very pretty. Good to see that she was using my favourite purple scissors!


Ivanka (my Saturday girl) who was running my pop up store got to meet Karen for the first time.


Here is 'Hideaway Cottage' a workshop only project (not available as a pattern until later in the year) my project for the day, originally designed for new mini craft case but just for fun we made the little bag using the same fabric kits thats needed for the mini craft case, we all love the little bag and apparently my Mum has first rights on owning it 'one day', she loves the little squirrel - I added one of the new acorn zip toggles to the craft case this morning and love how it finishes the project off so nicely.


Karen project which is made using Karens' signature reproduction prints could either be done using the pre-cut papers she included in the kit or by hand piecing, many ladies chose to have a go at the hand piecing and were amazed at how quickly the project came together.


A big thank you to everyone who joined us for the day, it was so nice to catch up with friends and to meet make some new ones. I havent set the dates for March next year as I am waiting for the venue to tell me days they have available!!

However I have set some dates for 'Stitch The Day Away' in the UK


Here is a Download Booking Form 2016-email which contains the information sheet and a booking form. If your have any questions please do not hesitate to email and ask.

Enjoy Lynette 

Anderson's Farm...month 2

 Many of you will be soon receiving your month two pattern and button - we shipped them to the registered stores last week.

Here by popular request is the quilt layout for Anderson's Farm and the placement for month 1 - please note that this sketch is not to scale!! 

FullSizeRender 17

I realise that I missed some information out of the pattern in month one. Do a row of chain stitch on the roof edge on all the is a picture of mine to give you an idea for where the stitching needs to go.

FullSizeRender 17

Here is a peek at 'Sydney The Cockerel' - month 2. If you look closely at the surface stitchery on his neck you can clearly see the subtle variation of colour that the hand dyed Valdani thread gives - very pretty. 


Look at the beautiful embroidery my friend Yvonne has done using the Valdani threads on the daisies.


Please note: We are at our maximum production for the hand painted buttons now so if your interested dont delay in signing up as we wont be releasing the pattern/buttons until later in 2017. So, for those of you who haven't taken the plunge and signed up to do 'Anderson's Farm' yet but are considering it!! Here is the list of participating stores, some have sold out, some have a few places available - happy hunting.

Participating Stores:

Little Quilt Store - places available
Hobbysew Belconnen - places available
Loose Stitches - places available

From The Heart Quilt Shop

L'Atelier du Patchwork 

Kwibbels - sold out

New Zealand
Katipatch - places available
The Country Yard - places available

Mi Casita de Patch
The Wool Collection - sold out

Sew Graceful Quilting - places available
Village Quilts - places available
Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Coast and Country - places available
Cowslip Workshops  - sold out
Cross Patch
Puddleducks - places available
Patchwork Chicks - places available

bye for now

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English paper piecing...

 When I was in Japan at the Tokyo Quilt show in 2015 I saw this gorgeous quilt and I have been dreaming of it ever since!


Then little while ago I selected some fat quarters for a project I was starting (still a work in progress)! - I really like the mixture of fabrics, they are from a cross section of my fabric collections and as you can see look great together.


Here is a better look at the prints....yummy


I have scraps from the project thats still in progress....actually quite a lot of scraps from the other, I gathered together my tools - fabric glue pen, needle threader, threads and needles.


I am not sure how the Japanese quilter made her quilt but I am doing mine the English paper piecing method.


I am working with a lovely fat quarter pack of yarn dyes: a yarn dye fabric is a woven cotton fabric where the pattern is created within the weave rather than a print on the surface.


I am working with pre-cut papers, 1" hexagons and 1" six pointed stars (otherwise know as diamonds).


By putting two hexagons and 6 of the six pointed stars (diamonds) together you can make them into 2" hexagons, looking good don't you think!


 When you join these newly created hexagons together, they turn into these sweet stars...


I am not sure how big or how long this quilt will take me to make but I am enjoying the process as I find English paper piecing is very very relaxing.

I have lots of yarn dye fabrics available by the yard/m - follow this link to view or as fat quarter bundles
I have lots of different pre-cut English paper shapes - follow this link to view

If your interested in a fat quarter or fat eighth bundle (24 prints) of the Lynette Anderson print fabrics similar to the ones I am working with or a bundle of yarn dyes, please email me, include your address so I can work out postage costs and then I can put a bundle together for you and will send you a Paypal invoice.

Lynette bobbin